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Benefits for Merchants

Efficient Integration, Enhanced Analytics, Bankable Results


Portager amplifies the quality and quantity of what merchandising teams can achieve by 10x, eliminating the thousands of hours of email overload, personnel change losses, and data validation headaches so your team can do significantly more in less time.
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Portager gathers disparate data & vendor bid information and generates an accurate picture of your total category sales & profitability - paired with thoughtful AI augmentation & actionable recommendations.
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More Dangerous

Portager elevates the quality of customer focused assortment decision-making at scale, clarifying and quantifying the agreed upon negotiation outcomes across your vendor base, building on and strengthening organizational foundations year over year over year.
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Benefits for Brands

Streamline and enhance your retailer facing proposals and win business

Portager improves your proposals with enhanced transparency, efficient item/data management, and actionable feedback

Enhanced Transparency

Portager validates and clarifies your proposal before you submit, improving transparency throughout the assortment decision making process, and creates deal recaps to remove friction down the road

Efficient Item/Data Management

Reduce re-work with validated item performance and reliable item data across customer accounts

Actionable feedback

Portager highlights errors and reminds you of upcoming action steps, creating more frequent and valuable feedback to help your brand win business


Elegant, workable solutions infused with decades of experience in the art & science of world-class merchandising

An image of Portager app depicting a screen with multiple fields and dropdowns titled 'Create Event'
Connect upstream and downstream category management processes, including: customer insights & assortment strategy, analytics, vendor bids, and item setup
An image of Portager app dashboard with a waterfall diagram depicting restocking processes stats
Portager provides leaders with complete visibility to the entire category transition calendar, including progress indicators and detailed financial results from each category
An image of Portager app dashboard with four tiles with numbers and three diagrams
Efficiently manage multiple complex category transition processes in one place so you can spend more time driving the business
An image of Portager app depicting spreadsheets with products and their prices
No API connectivity or legacy data headaches
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